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LEAD Community Toolkit

Tools to understand, implement, and evaluate LEAD for your community.
LEAD enhances public safety and equity by diverting people with unmet behavioral health needs away from jail and prosecution and into nonpunitive, collaborative, community-based systems of care.

What is LEAD?

Systems change for better public safety

LEAD enhances safety, health, and equity by building a community-based alternative to jail and prosecution for people whose unlawful behavior stems from unmanaged substance use, mental health challenges, or extreme poverty.

LEAD support bureau

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Founded in 2016 to respond to growing interest in LEAD replication across the United States, the LEAD Support Bureau is the only authorized resource to provide training, technical assistance, and strategic guidance on the LEAD model.
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Community toolkit

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Produced by the LEAD Support Bureau, this toolkit is designed to support communities that are exploring, developing, launching, or operating LEAD initiatives. It is intended to complement the customized technical assistance available through the LEAD Support Bureau.
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