What We Do


Community-driven and focused solutions

The LEAD Support Bureau provides technical assistance to communities that are exploring, developing, operating, or evaluating LEAD. Staffed by practitioners with real-world experience, the Bureau provides practical support and meaningful guidance to sites throughout the United States and internationally.

What We Offer

Guidance on Design and Implementation

Through training, presentations, site visits, and ongoing customized assistance through all phases of development, we help local stakeholders understand and effectively implement LEAD to reflect the priorities and needs of their communities.

Toolkits & Reference Documents

The Bureau produces and curates an extensive library of materials and subject-specific resources to support LEAD’s effective design, implementation, and evaluation in diverse settings.

Evaluation Resources

Our suite of evaluation resources, designed for both practitioners and evaluators, fosters fidelity and efficacy while advancing the field of criminal-legal reform.

Specialized Expertise

Our team of uniquely qualified staff and consultants includes subject-matter experts who hold expertise in all aspects of the theory, practice, and evaluation of LEAD, both within the United States and across the world.

Our purpose

Advance the LEAD Model to Support Communities
LEAD sites operate at varying stages of development and with differing levels of fidelity to the model. Nationally and internationally, the Bureau helps sites to implement LEAD effectively and sustainably, while meeting communities where they are at.


Site Visits

We host visits to our flagship LEAD programs in Seattle·King County, WA, where visitors can meet some of the world’s most experienced LEAD practitioners. We can also come to you, offering comprehensive, multi-day site visits to accelerate your LEAD effort.


We conduct presentations on all aspects of LEAD – its purpose, philosophy, methods, and implementation – and provide role-specific training customized for specialized audiences, from case managers to policy-makers.

Operational Support

We can help accelerate your site’s efficacy and impact by offering guidance and support on the development of processes and documents, including providing document samples and templates.


We convene both virtual and in-person conferences to foster a community of LEAD practitioners, allies, and policy-makers and and to advance the field.


What is It?

LEAD is not an organization — Instead, it’s a replicable model to advance safety, health, and equity by equipping communities with a better way to respond to unmet behavioral health needs and extreme poverty, for which revolving-door arrest, prosecution, and incarceration are ineffective.
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How To Implement LEAD

In every site, LEAD begins with a group of stakeholders committed to finding a better way. To support their efforts, the Bureau provides an evolving array of resources and assistance, including site visits, topic-specific presentations and trainings, and reference documents.
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Change Begins With Communities.

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