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LEAD is a proven strategy to advance public safety, health, and equity.

What is Lead?
LEAD enhances safety, health, and equity by building a community-based alternative to jail and prosecution for people whose unlawful behavior stems from unmet needs related to substance use, mental health challenges, or extreme poverty.


What is It?

LEAD is not an organization — Instead, LEAD is a replicable model that enhances public safety and equity by diverting people with unmet behavioral health needs away from jail and prosecution and into nonpunitive, collaborative, community-based systems of care.
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How To Implement LEAD

In every site, LEAD begins with a group of stakeholders committed to finding a better way. To support their efforts, the Bureau provides an evolving array of resources and assistance, including site visits, topic-specific presentations and trainings, and reference documents.
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The LEAD Support Bureau

Making LEAD Possible for Every Community

For communities seeking to learn more about the LEAD model across the country and around the world, there’s just one place to go: the LEAD Support Bureau. Staffed by a team of expert practitioners, the Bureau is the nation's preeminent resource to provide training and technical assistance for LEAD.
Change Begins With Communities.

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